CrawlBudget Optimizer

"New SEO method" is available.

Log file analyzing tool for improving crawl budget of Googlebots.

Highly recommended for

  • Be stuck on SEO metohod.

  • Despite know it's effective analyzing log files, no idea for how to analyzing.

  • Want to improving index ratio for large scale website.

  • Visualize of Googlebot performance

    Become clear that crawling situation through log analyzing.

  • All that required is log files

    No need to waste a time with staring Excel data and introduce expensive and over performance tools.

  • To know analyzing report intuitively

    Analyzing result will be output understandable report.

Utilize for

  • Find new SEO measures

    Find the problem and improvement points of website through analyzing Googlebot performance.

  • Analyzing your website before renovation

    Consider new website construction through find issues of present situation by view point of Google.

  • Understanding of the current situation for large-scale websites

    Find that unwanted pages are pressuring crawl budgets on a large-scale website.

  • Improve index ratio

    Separate the not indexed issue into crawlability or contents problem.

Case Studies

  • Smartphone Case EC


    An EC-site which has Over 20,000 products and over 5,000pages
    -Because of be stucking SEO, did analysis for logs by Googlebot Insights.

    There were still unwanted pages for feature phone and infrequently crawled directory.
    Great increased traffics by delete unwanted pages and structure of links.
    Hamee webサイト
  • Real estate portal site


    A real estate website that contains over 300,000 pages.
    -To become clear the some problems (E.g find not indexed directories) before website renovation,did anlysis about present situation.

    Google bot did NOT crawled focused pages at all.
    Become clear that ideal structure about after renovation website.
    smoola webサイト


  • FREE

    Utilize for
    Small scale websites
    ~10,000 Logs /month
  • Basic

    $1,000 /year
    Utilize for
    Mid scale websites
    ~1,000,000 Logs /month
  • Enterprise

    $5,000 /year
    Utilize for
    Large scale websites/
    Advertising agency
    ~10,000,000 Logs /month

Application and working flow

  • STEP 1

    Please certificate your Email address

  • STEP 2

    Quick start with a free plan

  • STEP 3

    Please upgrade for the higher plan as necessary